CIPDNAP memoralia


Rocked up with head full of the day before.
Ran straight into big smiles and joy and friends.
Some dodgy work relationships nudge in.
No matter, Sir Cary is speaking.
Love it, and not just because he’s a Manc, because he’s real
…and honest, and wants to luncheon with us…..and he’s MCFC
Joyous joy!!
Into it now…….
Ferrero Rocher, and knots in rope (metaphor methinks), and
…..oh no I’ve been picked out for the unhelpful beliefs by the magician.
Sweets and tea inbetween. Keeping the sugar up…….(obv)
Dancing, but not with my love…..
Ignite….no shit….Gary man……god like performance
Black tie, black dress, but not all on me.
Photo booth, big big fun and fools.
Captured forever…..loving it.
And fizz, and wine
Dinner chats and Rowan, no wait it’s Audrey…oh no…I’m confused …
But wetting myself……pass the wine!
Kerry gong. Hell yeah!
Dancing, but wait…..legs not working.
Oh sod it take more photos. Mark, the camera loves you.
Home, and back
Go Dominic
And mindful walking, feeling the grass through my shoes.
Downloading, Steve immense.
Alice insight.
Caroline making me listen.
And Phil W. Scaring me with language
So full.
Have to go home
And reflect
…..and book next year!

Ps. Ian, catching up with you on 10k!

By andrewphillipmarsland

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